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I would recommend Dr. Ursel to any of my friends. He explains any procedure in depth. Everyone is pleasant and very professional.
My initial visit when I met the friendly staff, I received a complimentary dermabrasion and had Dr. Ursel explain what treatments could improve the condition of my skin by removing age spots, evening skin tone, smoothing texture and even reducing wrinkles; in fact, providing a more youthful appearance. I have always received courteous, friendly professional service and have been very pleased with the improvement to my skin as a result of a combination of laser treatments, chemical peels and dermabrasion. I also appreciate being able to buy excellent products to complement the treatments.
Having a large vein procedure, I appreciated walking out of the office, not being in a hospital, awake through the procedure, recovery fast and painless. Didn’t lose any time from my job. They always explained what they were doing.
It was an excellent procedure – I can’t say enough. The clinic was very clean and sterile. Dr. Ursel and staff were wonderful! It was a great feeling to see the difference from before and after. Dr. Ursel and staff know what they are doing.

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After a consultation with a Toronto vascular surgeon, I was advised that surgical ligation and stripping was too risky at my age. Fortunately, I learned that EVLT procedure by Dr. Ursel could safely remove varicose veins. All of the required procedures were carried out by Dr. Ursel and his support staff in a courteous and professional manner. I can highly recommend Dr. Ursel for the treatment of varicose vein problems that are not available by conventional methods.
The vein procedure was quick, painless and friendly. I have recommended your service to several of my friends and acquaintances who have similar leg problems.
I liked the fact that the procedure was explained in detail as well as what I could expect with healing process. I would, and already have, recommended this procedure to one of my friends and will continue to do so to others.
The staff were friendly and made me feel at ease. The doctor and nurse were very professional but at the same time, very caring and considerate. I recommend laser treatments, if possible, it is not a painful procedure and you can continue your normal activities – within reason.
I had pain in my lower leg. It was worth paying to get this procedure done. Thanks for my new leg!
I just want to thank everyone at Dr. Ursel’s office for helping me feel better about myself. You do a fabulous job. Keep up the Good Work! I will definitely refer you to friends and family.
The doctor makes you feel relaxed, explains everything well, receptionist very nice too. Appreciate the sclerotherapy on legs. Will give me more confidence when wearing shorts, skirts, bathing suit.
Dieting and exercise were not changing areas of my body. I was not happy with certain areas of my body. The office was clean and has friendly staff. Dr. Ursel was great, very friendly, provided answers to questions, provided home/cell numbers if any problems – available to call. There isn’t anything you guys could do to better your services, you’re wonderful, don’t change a thing.
I have been very pleased with the bikini laser. This is what brought me to the office and during this time, Peter suggested laser for my face (which was painful at that time). Now my skin looks and feels better, I am no longer in pain with my skin peeling layer after layer. He also suggested I talk with Michelle and use the skin creams which I am thrilled with. Thanks so much. I have my face back.
I had estelux on my face because it was very red and I also had spider veins on my face. The results are amazing. I love my face. Have a lot of confidence and I feel like a new woman. The staff is great, makes me feel great just walking in to the office.
It was an experience I can’t forget. I will continue coming now for my other imperfections because I believe in Dr. Ursel and trust his judgement.
Having suffered from Rosacea for over fifteen years, I had given up finding a cure that really works. When I became aware of your treatment, (Estelux) I admit I was skeptical of the whole idea. However, with the help of my husband, I pushed myself to visit you. Best decision of my life. Much to my surprise I cannot express enough, how grateful I am to you. Discomfort was minimal and did not interfere with my daily life. The result was more than I ever hoped for. Now, when I look in the mirror, I love what I see. A confident, new woman!
Facial laser treatment for moles, sun damage, age spots. My husband and I really appreciated the complimentary skin examination to detect early signs of skin cancer.
After only one treatment for ugly veins in my legs, they virtually disappeared just in time for a vacation in the sunny south – only two weeks later. I appreciate the professional atmosphere and I never feel pressured to have more treatments than I feel are necessary. Dr. Ursel has actually talked me out of some procedures.
EVLT was the best method to alleviate the pain, swelling and incidence of venous ulcers that I was experiencing in my leg. It was my choice of treatment as it was the least tramatic procedure available for my condition, and return to work was very shortly after. The office has a very friendly, professional look. The doctor and staff were all very professional and caring. I often recommend to friends seeking any procedures to go to this office.
I liked their professionalism, friendly attitude and appointment convenience. The procedure was high-tech and highly efficient. I am very pleased with the outcome of the procedure. I am very grateful to the doctor for making my legs feel better than ever.
Just a note of thanks. After 20 years of feeling restricted in my activities and clothing, I am surprised and very happy with the results of laser treatment. I wanted you to know how much I appreciated your help. I am looking forward to wearing my riding pants!
The veins on my legs looked ugly and I wanted them removed, and removing my moles on my face is so pleasing to me. When entering your office the room feels relaxed and friendly, the flowers and fruit bowl just adds to the room. There is nothing in the office that is not what it should be. The girls are just great and of course, the Doctor has done a lot for me.
I had cosmelan depigmentation and Glo Minerals. The Cosmelan has made an unbelievable difference. I am extremely happy and it boosts my self-confidence. I can go out without any make-up and still feel like I look good. I just love how gentle and non-drying the Tolerane cleanser is on my skin.
Low key and very supportive. Dr. Ursel’s assistants showed a lot of concern and care (and interest). You are all doing a great job! Congratulations. Love your newsletters! Enjoy your Website! Appreciate the discounts and bonus certificates.
I had laser surgery for my varicose veins. Now I have no pain and my legs look like normal legs. I can wear shorts and am able to walk and work with no pain.
I had laser surgery for varicose veins. It went very well both times. Dr. Ursel and his staff made me feel very comfortable and secure. The results of the surgery have been very positive and less leg pain and most ugly bumps are gone.
Varicose Veins
I was very happy that I could walk out of your office after my procedure and no drugs involved. I now realize there is an alternative to conventional treatments. I was very pleased with your staff and office.
Skin Cancer Removed
I had painful patches on my face – possible skin cancer. I had a large growth beside my nose. It was ugly to look at and embarrassing to have. I felt my appearance was so much better.
I have had dermabrasions, spray tan and fillers. Every experience at your office makes me feel good. Staff is always friendly and make you feel important.
The Vivier Products! I had a Make-up artist (for the stars) recently do my make-up for a special event. He raved about my skin and wanted to know what I was using on my face! I told him about Vivier. At my event there was a silent auction. A complete Vivier package was up for auction. I definitely bid and won more of this magical product. I have never had anyone compliment me on my skin until I started to come to Dr. Ursel. My skin has changed dramatically!
Dr. Ursel and staff explained the procedure of laser treatments for veins in depth. During the treatment Dr. Ursel told me exactly what he was doing in each step of the procedure. I am very happy with my treatment. The veins are gone from my legs completely. Dr. Ursel and the staff are very sincere, professional and just over 100% of their efforts in everything they are doing for their patients.
I had saline solution in my vein – it is gone!
I also had Thermage done on my face and eyes.
Each procedure was explained to me. Caring attitude and professional knowledge. (No one bugs me now about the “dirt” below my lip!
Thermage is great – why look old when you don’t have to.
Excellent service and advice. Younger looking skin!
Looking good – feeling great!
I have had fraxel treatments and Contour Threads inserted. I was happy with these procedures. I have great self-esteem, look and feel good. I get great comments. It was easy to do with very minimal pain and down time.
I look great, I have great skin and feel fine.
P. B.
I enjoy coming to Lindsay to your office. No matter how big your office space gets, I still feel like my business is important to you. The quality of service is always the same, excellent. A place I can count on.
Why I like doing business with your office … I have found Dr. Ursel & his staff to be courteous, professional, & punctual. My treatments (and those of family & friends I have also referred) have been very individualized & personalized, effective treatments. I feel like I’m doing something “for me” for a change, & I feel good about that. The office atmosphere is very comfortable, relaxed & inviting (with the coffee pot & fruit bowl). In fact, I feel like I’m on an episode of Nip Tuck when I’m sitting in the waiting room — could only be improved with some champagne & chocolate truffles!
EVLT – The procedure was painless. The follow-up care was excellent. I’m very happy with the result. My leg doesn’t swell anymore after exercise.
I think the care and attention I was given for my problem is the thing I really value the most.
Thermage – Dr. Ursel and his staff are very caring and compassionate. I feel better and get many compliments on looking younger. Thank you all!
I just feel so good about the results of the liposuction and how I feel about my appearance.
How pleasant and thoughtful all the staff are with you right through all procedures. They take extra efforts to make you feel more comfortable during all procedures.
It is indeed a pleasure to write in favour of the excellent customer service that you and your staff provide on a regular basis. The flexibility you have shown when it was needed is admirable. Opportunities to educate through your newsletters, seminars, and personal visits are very much appreciated. May I also underscore the fact that I am most grateful for the follow-up phone calls and visits you provide when necessary, to alleviate fears or concerns. Your genuine commitment to arriving at the optimum result in any procedure is outstanding. Thank you and continued success,
I enjoy coming to your office because I always get expert advice and help with a professional but friendly attitude. I feel that I am important to you and my questions are important as well. I feel I am in good hands!
Varicose veins – Professional service, detailed explanation of treatment, detailed answers to all my questions and concerns in regards to the laser procedure.
I was amazed how quick and professional the procedure was. I felt no pain at all. I had no scar and returned to normal activity immediately.
I had laser therapy to my left leg. When I had the procedure done, I was very nervous, even though I am a nurse. Dr. Ursel and his RN made me feel
Extremely comfortable with the procedure which made for a good experience. What I have gotten personally is peace of mind knowing that my leg was looked after professionally without any problems.
Vein work and mole check
I came to the clinic with damage to my legs from accidents; this caused Numbness and aching. The numbness and aching have gone – as to the vein damage – FANTASTIC! Made to feel welcome. This is a very professional clinic with a family-friendly atmosphere.
Ambulatory Phlebectomy
I was so happy to see the before and after photo of my left leg. I really value the courteous care, the personal care. The warmth from everyone.
Injectables and laser
I have had levulan and dermabrasion, lip injections and filers in face. All of these procedures have made significant improvements. My appearance when I had my lips injected is very improved. The face fillers have defined bone and have improved loss of plumpness.
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